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Here I post some random photos, everything from landscape to food (yes!). I use a Nikon D5000, a Canon Ixus155 and a mobile phone on a regular basis. I like HDR (high dynamic range) photography a lot. 

HDR Photography: Keukenhof

I've explored the wonders of HDR photography again, this time at the tulip-paradise "Keukenhof" in the Netherlands.

Keukenhof is a huge garden that is famous around the world for its huge mass of tulips.

Each year, they plant 4,5 millions of tulips in 100 types manually.

The park can be discovered by 15 kilometres of cute pathways, that lead from one magnificently colorful view to another.

There are also 3 million other flowers than tulips, as well as 2.500 very beautiful trees of 87 types, like these japanies cherries.

The park is one of the Netherland's biggest tourist attractions.

The park is only opened in spring time, when all the flowers are in bloom.

Besides flowers and trees, you can also enjoy other beautiful views, like a lot of waterways.


But first of all, visitors get impressed by the flowers' beautiful colors.


It was a bit hard though to take pictures without any people in them.







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