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Here I post some random photos, everything from landscape to food (yes!). I use a Nikon D5000, a Canon Ixus155 and a mobile phone on a regular basis. I like HDR (high dynamic range) photography a lot. 

HDR Photography: Antwerp

I've explored the wonders of HDR photography again, this time in Antwerp, Belgia.

This is the market place at the city centre, with a statue of a man throwing away a giant's hand, which is a local saga about the origin of the city's name.

Here's the city centre again. I like the old houses. In the front, there's my friend who lives in Antwerp and who I was visiting.

I met this cat in the courtyard of a monastery.

The cat was acting like a real photo model and sat still enough for this nice shot.

Cute scene, still in the monastery's court.

In the monastery's church, I found this rather dramatical statue.

A bengal cat on a tree.

Antwerp's main station, being surprisingly beautiful for a main station.

This is Antwerp's "MAS" building - the museum besides the stream.

It was easter soon, so Antwerp's botanical garden was full of nice white daffodils.

The town has a big harbour, and also some stylish old boats lying around.

This was the most stylish ship, since on this grey day, it was really distinctive from the background.

All in all, it was a nice holiday.

Being back home, I went to a bar and suddenly found some really FOXSy beer! :D

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