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Here I post some random photos, everything from landscape to food (yes!). I use a Nikon D5000, a Canon Ixus155 and a mobile phone on a regular basis. I like HDR (high dynamic range) photography a lot. 

HDR Photography: Germany - Düsseldorf and Ratingen

I've explored the wonders of HDR photography again, this time in Düsseldorf and Ratingen, two German Towns.

Düsseldorf is the capital of one of Germany's federal states, Nordrhein-Westfalen. 

In Düsseldorf, I took pictures of the Altstadt. This is both the historic city center and the center of entertainment. 

Here you see one of the main and most frequented roads, Bolkerstraße. It is one of the oldest roads in Düsseldorf from the 14th century. Today, it contains about 50 bars and pubs.

 Besides of bars and pubs, you can find the old City Hall: 

You also can see the Castle Tower of the former castle which once surrounded the historic city centre.


Since I especially like old buildings, I also took a photoshoot in Ratingen, a town nearby Düsseldorf. Ratingen is a much older city and has buildings from the early middle ages.

This fountain here represents one of Ratingen's legends. Being heathen, they did not want to be catholized, and the tale says that when the bishop from Cologne wanted to baptize Ratingen's inhabitants, they clamped his thumb in their city gate. Since the bishop broke his thumb, he cursed Ratingen's inhabitants, so that from now on, every child of the city should be born with a flat thumb. People from Ratingen therefore call themselves Dumeklemmer (thumb-clamps).

Behind the fountain, there is a very old church.

Ratingen also has a nice house from the 15th century in typical German architecture from that time.

Besides, there is a very old castle from the 13th century, calles Haus zum Haus (House of the house of House).

Did you see it? There is a peacock sitting on the brick wall. He lives there.

Behind the Castle, there is a park, made by entrepreneur Johann Gottfried Bruegelmann, who built the first water-powered cotton spinning mill on the European mainland.

Bruegelmann of course built a big house to represent his enterprise, where he also lived in luxurious conditions.

The last thing I want to show (for now) from Ratingen and Düsseldorf is the local beer-specialty called Altbier (old beer). It's a malt beer and could be called a Brown Ale for my international readers. The name Altbier derives from its making: it's being brewed in a traditional way, in the way they made beer in Germany before people were able to cool down beer to make pilsener beer.

Isn't it beautiful? :)

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