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Here I post some random photos, everything from landscape to food (yes!). I use a Nikon D5000, a Canon Ixus155 and a mobile phone on a regular basis. I like HDR (high dynamic range) photography a lot. 

HDR Photography: Oslo Harbour

I've explored the wonders of HDR photography, this time around Oslo's harbour.

I went around the the medieval fortress Akershus Castle, which is on a hill at the end of the Oslo Fjord, in Oslo's harbour area Aker Brygge.

I really love old buildings, so this is one of my favourite places in Oslo.

I also adore the contrast of the old Akershus fortress on the one side of the harbour, and the modern and stylish buildings of Aker Brygge on the other side:

At Aker Brygge, there also is Oslo's City Hall:

You still can see the fortress from the dock in the harbour.

Want to see more HDR pictures of Oslo?

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